Curiocity Hotel


We were challenged to design a hotel that is not just a living and meeting space, but an urban refuge which reflects the personality of the city.

The design of Curiocity Cape Town was inspired by the city itself. The real charm of Cape Town lies in it’s diversity, it’s multifaceted soul. The city is a melting pot of character and style which is accentuated by it’s condensed urban footprint. Despite the flakes of historical design, which predominantly remain intact, the city is globally stylish.

In Cape Town, there is magic around every corner, this is what we wanted the interior to express.

We drew inspiration from heritage details evident in the architecture of the area. The colour and texture palette  portrays the style of Cape Town. We played with colour, texture and pattern to create a colour blocking theme, inspired by the Bo Kaap architecture. Each room is multilayered by overlaying shades and tones of the same colour, and juxtaposing with contrasting pops of colour and pattern. Each pattern was carefully selected to reflect South African design.

Hints of inspiration from historical Cape Dutch architecture are evident. We applied heritage architectural details in different proportions for a contemporary twist.

The Cape Dutch architectural gable inspired the design of the bed headboards. Strong angled painted blocks over doors and windows overlap the entire elevation of the building, reminiscent of the Cape Dutch architectural style of contrasting doors and window openings. Historical materials such as cane and wicker have been reinvented and contemporised. Typical Cape Dutch lanterns inspired the feature steel reception pendant and bedside lamps.

A seaside feel is expressed externally with deck chairs in local patterns and bright colours. The Curiocity communal areas are lively and friendly, filled with personality and curious quirks.


Completed: November 2019

Site Address: 153 Main Road, Green Point, Cape Town

Architecture: Studio OHS

Photographer: Emma Jude Jackson